Planhorse Plan Hanger Wall Rack 1000 Holds Up To 10 Clamps

Code: 110.052.400
Brand: Planhorse

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  • • The planhorse wall rack 1000 will hold up to 10 planhorse clamps which enables storage of up to 1000 large scale plans or drawings
    • The wall rack is simply mounted to the wall and will instantly hold planhorse clamps
    • The front loading feature of planhorse wall racks make drawings quickly and easily accessible
    • Drawings are filed flat with no creasing, tearing, crimping or folding
    • Well organised in required order groups of plans can be accessed and stored quite simply
    • Wall racks are very convenient for filing active project work close to the user
    • Overlong sheets are easily hung by mounting the wall rack higher up the wall than normal
    • Dimensions: 375mm l x 375mm w x 230mm h & 5Kg weight
    • 10 years replacement guarantee